Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beyonce Faking Her Pregnancy (?)

     The days I've been seeing videos and articles about how Beyonce's pregnancy was fake and how she used a surrogate mother. Not that I know much about surrogate mothers or pregnancy being a 16 year old girl, but I was just wondering why people make it a big deal even if it was a surrogacy. I mean, it would be so much smarter for Beyonce to get a surrogate mother rather than put her frame through all that huge pregnancy stress (as if the stress of fame isn't enough).
   Women have it extremely tough these days, especially when it comes to body image. If she told everyone that she had gotten a surrogacy (which I have no idea if it's true) TONS of body concious people would lash out and tell her "oh she's soooo selfish" or "oh I BIRTHED my kid and I bear my tiger stripes" or whatever lingo women use. On the other hand, birthing the kid would cause a huge shitstorm about how "fat" and "unattractive" she would have gotten. She also would have so much trouble dancing on stage and walking around due to back pains, breast milk, joint swelling etc.

There's this picture going around about her fake stomach collapsing.

   Not gonna lie, I think I might do surrogacy if I ever want a kid when I get older. Not that I even want kids, but it would be awesome being all fake-big, and after "birthing" your body is just like before and everyone's in awe. :P