Thursday, September 22, 2011

EDITED: (Parts removed) About me and other stuff

     Well, since I started off to this blog with a rant, I decided to write a little bit about me. Not because someone might see this blog (since this is a personal blog and I don't really plan on showing it to others) but because I can remember how I was when I become old and stuff. I think its really interesting when I read stuff that I wrote years ago and have no memory doing so. It's just like reading my old diaries. I always think how stupid I was back then and how I wish I had a time machine to go back and strangle myself before writing those idiotic diary entries. :D I even feel embarrassed thinking about them. I was such a mama's girl back then. But thank gawd I am not any more! THANK YOU TEENAGE HORMONES!!! Now I rebel with passion against authority. *coughPARENTScough* 
     So anyways I thought that writing a blog might be a good idea since I can access it whenever. Also there is this website called and you get to send emails to you future self. :D How cool is that! You get to choose the date and time when your email arrives and I had just got a very angsty one from 2 years ago complaining how "my life sucked" and how much I "hate my parents with a BURNING PASSION* for them not letting me wear what I wanted. It was quite funny actually but back then, I don't think it was. I also sent one to 20 years in the future (hopefully I'll still be using my email then) and told me to divorce with my husband if I had one. And if I had kids, then give em up for adoption! I used to be 12 back then and totally against the idea of marriage.
     So anyways, back to the topic: About Moi. Well basically I am a teenage angsty girl. My profile picture was taken a few weeks ago. I now have very light blonde hair with highlights and I'm going PLATINUM in a few months. My natural hair color is brown/lightbrown,  for all you natural beauty weenies out there who are wondering (U GUYS CAN KISS ME DIET-PILL WEIGHT LOSSED ASS :D ACTUALLY NO, KEEP THOSE LIPS TO URSELF! YOU GUYS PROBABLY DON'T USE CHAPSTICK ANYWAYS. OR HELL, MAYBE EVEN BRUSH YOUR TEETH!). 
     My eye color is hazel because even though it has some green in it, it also has brown which makes it HAZEL. I'm not gonna lie and try to make myself seem "white". Green eyes are when all of your eye is green. I know this one girl who is very rude to me (she even admitted once she was jealous of me!) says that her eyes are "moss green". AS IF!! Her eyes include brown in them, which makes them light hazel. Except she is from a european/middle eastern country and I think she wants to be more Anglo Saxon, that's why she is obsessed with whitening her skin (she even says, i quote "sorry, but I think darker skin is ugly" RACIST MOFO!!!) and trying to keep her ONCE dark blonde hair (as a child, many many people have light colored hair) and failing badly (since it is now a MOUSY brown color. which is the worst kinda brown) but she is in denial cuz she refers to herself as a "golden blonde". Here, you don't believe me? Here is a pic of her hair color now. Yes people, she THINKS she is golden blonde. FOR REALS! R U FOR REALS? If that is golden blonde, then my DAD gave birth to me. I feel kinda bad for her though, her mom won't let her dye her hair untill she is married (omg!! i know right) and she has...*ahem* problems. Yes, *those* kinda problems, with her head! And yesterday, she told me the most rudest things ever. Why, you ask? Because she told me these very disturbing and perverted things when I was younger and when I told her that she told me that, she went CRAZY!! Just crazy. I don't wanna talk about this right now cuz this topic is supposed to me about ME, not some crazy girl!

 (*Edited: I removed personal details and information and pictures! Sorry, just in case ya know. Internet is a weird place!)

So that's it for now, cuz I have to take a break.

 (>'.')> Vanity Cat <('.'<)

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