Monday, September 19, 2011

Bashing On Pretty Girls

My first blog post will be about something I've always thought was annoying : bashing on pretty girls whether they are "natural" or not. 
What is it with some people that make them so bitter towards pretty girls? Why do some people see a pretty girl with makeup or dyed hair and automatically go in to defense mode and say "OH SHE'S PRETTY, BUT ITS NOT NATURAL SO IT DOESN'T COUNT!!!"? I'm sorry but what exactly is natural beauty to you? Do you think not wearing any makeup is natural beauty? Do you think not dying your hair is natural beauty? I guess these aren't EXACTLY natural because you weren't born with fully mascaraed lashes or a head full of pink highlights. But then, what about getting braces? Or using acne medication and whitening your teeth? Are those also "not natural" and people who use them "aren't natural beauties"? PLEASE! They are all used for beautification methods, but why do some people assume people aren't natural if they do a certain kind of method?
    People have been trying to make themselves beautiful for centuries and centuries. Beautiful women and ugly women have been using cosmetics and different products to make themselves more attractive. Okay, so there are some people in the world (albeit a very very very small amount) who are naturally born GORGEOUS and never use ANY KIND of product, never had a pimple or blemish, are naturally slim and curvacious at the same time, have amazingly beautiful hair that has never been dyed or curled/straighted, who also have pearly white and straight teeth. These are considered natural beauties in my book because they are true natural beauties. Personally, I have never met a natural beauty in my whole life, but i'm sure there are some out there :) In real life, most people that go on and on about how nachural beeeyooty they are, are usually quite unnatractive and....*GASP* dare I say it.....FUGLY. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. And even they sometimes use non-natural products to be a little more prettier. Not every single girl in this world is beautiful (in my opinion). But they don't stay down do they? Do they accept all their flaws or do they DO something about it? I think girls who have flaws but decide to fix them are the most determined. Because even if they aren't natural beauties or natural "fuglies" (people who say they're natural, but aren't beautiful), they become prettier with their own determination. (and no, I am not one of those %100 self made beauties. I do have a bit of genetics on my side and am no where near ugly but not beautiful either. i wasn't born with fabulous shiny hair, but i use products for example. Or if i don't use face washes, my skin would become horrible. I wore braces for 2 years since my teeth were extremely crooked and took weight loss pills since I wasn't at the weight I wished I could be. So i guess i'm not ALL natural-from-the-day-i-was-born. yea :D

   People I dislike even more are HYPOCRITES! People who say others are fake while they themselves are ALSO fake, but in different ways. For example, a brunette girl who wears makeup but has never dyed her hair would call a girl with makeup and DYED brown hair "fake" because
a) she's jealous she can't/won't dye her hair
b) she's angry someone has attained her "natural" hair color with "fake" means (like hair dye) and is now getting just as much attention (if not more) as she is.
c) she has an extreme hatred towards girls who dye their hair :D

    Personally, I think its either a or b, or a mix between the two. The reason why (in my opinion) the "natural" haired girl, would bash on the dyed haired girl and make her feel bad is pure jealousy. I mean, if i was born with naturally pink hair and some other blonde haired girl dyed her hair pink and got just as much attention as i did, I also would get jealous because MINE would be natural and hers would be fake, but why should we be getting the same attention!? Not fair. (no my hair isn't naturally pink :D i can only wish) 

 And i have some people who tell me not to dye my hair platinum blonde (right now my hair is dark blonde with very light highlights but i'm getting it dyed platinum in a few months. yayy). They tell me that your hair will fall out and you will be bald (wrong because I only use ammonia free dyes and my hair is even healthier looking than most of my virgin haired counterparts since i take really good care of it) (no that is not what you think it means :D it means haired that hasn't been chemically processed, EVER). And personally, i don't think they tell me that out of the pure kindness in their hearts. It's because they themselves CAN'T get their haired dyed due to different reasons. Some people even tell me i shouldn't dye my hair because my natural (light brown) hair suits me better. Which is not true, because my skin used to be dark before and back then, yea i guess it used to suit me. But now, my skin is porcelain colored with pink undertones, so yes, blonde hair DOES look better on me now! Sorry to dissapoint you :P
Whenever people tell me that my natural hair was better I'm like "Umm, thanks for your opinion but i think its a tad bit late CUZ I ALREADY GOT HIGHLIGHTS". This is one of the secret ways,  jealous girls like to bash others. They try to make it seem like a compliment, when in reality its a cleverly disguised insult. I admit I have done this before when people have gotten haircuts that I wished I could have gotten. I would say "oooh, u got a HAIRCUT!!! wow, i wish i could get one. (now comes the green eyed monster) but i think your hair looked better longer. but u still look great now too :/ i heard people regret it when they get their hair cut after a while...." and it goes on. I feel really bad when I think about it, but I don't do that anymore :) However, i do try and tell my friends my opinion if they are doing something that would make them look bad, but i say that BEFORE they get it done.

Another thing that greatly annoys me is when some say that I will never be a blonde even if i dye my hair that color. WHAT THE FUDGE NUGGETS!?? Are you actually that jealous/idiotic/both? WHAT ABOUT CELEBS!? What about Marilyn Monroe. She is probably the most known BLONDE haired women and her natural hair color is BROWN. So do you tell me she is not a blonde because she is faking it and dying her hair blonde? Do you even THINK before speaking? (i think not :P)

And another thing that grates on my nerves me is when girls who wear makeup bash on OTHER girls who also wear makeup. For example (yes i do love examples), a girl that has naturally dark and long eyelashes that bashes on a girl who curls her lashes and wears mascara.
This is soooo stupid. Just because YOU don't wear mascara doesn't mean people who do are insecure/ugly/fake/gross/republicans/crazy/obsessed/maniacs. It means people have different things they want to enhance with makeup or they just FEEL like it. Don't tell others to wear less/more makeup, because it is ABSOLUTELY NONE of your business. Okay, maybe you want to help them, but please don't try to "help" them with your oh-so-amaziingggg opinion when they didn't ask for it. This goes especially for my mom (who won't be reading this blog, since I won't tell her about it :D).

Well, yea. :D I ranted a bit (and on my FIRST POST!! oh the horror). But this is my blog, and I don't think I should be all fake and polite on here. These are my opinions and yes, some people might disagree but I won't apologize for offending anyone. That's like saying sorry for being real.

 (>'.')> Vanity Cat <('.'<)

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