Thursday, September 22, 2011

THAT girl

Pre Note: Even though no one other than me will read this blog. I still want to talk like...a blog writer. So that's why I refer to myself as "you guys" or "you".

Okay so by now I bet everyone's wondering, whose that crazy girl whom you hate so much and why are all your blog posts about people like her. Well, mainly I started this blog due to her extreme rudeness and putting me down...ness. :D That's why most of my blog posts are like angry rants! So probably when I read this in the future, I'm going to seem like a child O RAAAAGEEE!!!

So yes, this girl. Let me tell you about her. I won't include names because I don't like gossiping and writing other peoples names on the internet, no matter how terrible they've acted towards me. I've known this girl for about 3 to 4 years. Even back then, she used to be bossy and said whatever she felt like. For instance, we had to do whatever she wanted. And back then, she used to be nice looking because almost everyone is pretty looking before puberty. She used to have wavy dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. And she used to be shorter and a bit plump. She also used to have fair skin since she didn't go out much. Me, on the other hand, was also short (but a bit taller than her), had dark skin due to weeks and weeks in our house in Florida and light brown hair (with a few sun bleached highlights). Back then I used to always but my hair up in a ponytail and I used to have a deep voice due to allergies and sinuses (now my voice is much higher). I also used to wear OVAL shaped glasses which always fell down to the middle of my nose and I used to tilt my head upwards to look at people. Basically, I wasn't ugly at all, but not really pretty either. I can't really remember anyone (other than a few kids who had crushes on me) who complimented me rather than tell my mom "oh you have such a lovely daughter and kids". (Mom's friends have to say that). And back then, I really didn't care about looks or anything much really. And then after a year we moved to another country and so did they. But me and that girl kept in touch with email for nearly 3 years now. We told everything to each other, and she sent me pics and I never sent her anything because my family's not really the picture taking type.

 And in the end of 8th grade I started changing. Like my facial features. I know this sounds almost crazy like, yea right no one can change sooo much that even their relatives won't notice them on the streets! But I'm serious. It's almost like the ugly duckling turns into a swan story, except I'm still not pretty as a swan :D If you don't believe me, here are my 6th grade and my 10th grade pictures. Sorry if my old picture is blurry, it's cuz I took it from my cellphone. Left is me in 6th grade and the one on the right is me taken a few weeks ago! And there is ABSOLUTELY no photoshop or editing or whatever used!  I don't even have photoshop! And see how nice my skin used to be back then, all tan and stuff. Wish I had that now :/

***UPDATE: I have removed the 2 pictures btw! Sorry!

So anyways, since I never sent that girl any pictures of me, she thought I looked like I did in 6th grade and sometimes I used to tell her that I'm different now and stuff. But she never really imagined how much I'd changed. I used to tell her sometimes when guys and people on the street complimented me. Because we told each other EVERYTHING! Every single detail, so it's not like I was bragging or anything. She also told me about her compliments and stuff to. :D 

 A few months ago, I finally put a picture on facebook and she couldn't believe it. She was like "your so pretty" and stuff and I told her thanks and blah blah. But things got a bit different from then on. Like whenever I told about when someone complimented me or whenever a guy was interested in me, she would just IGNORE it. Like before she would comment on every detail, but now she just acts like she never even saw the email. She still told me about her compliments though and I still told her that she deserved it and commented on it. 

And a few weeks ago I told her that I was going to go platinum blonde and she was like "WHAT WHY?" and I told her that since I have a light skintone I can go blonde and that all my friends told me it would look great on me. She then proceeded to tell me that "your natural haircolor was soo beautiful. like emma stone" when she KNEW that I had dyed my hair. Then she was like "no you don't have the right skintone to be blonde" and I told her "well, all my friends here tell me i have a blonde hair skintone, so yea. and I basically never really met a girl with natural blonde hair in this country (as you know I moved to another country, she also moved to another country) and she was like "so you don't consider me blonde?" (she had dark brown hair, see picture from previous blog post) and I'm like, "not really since ur hair darkened to brown. You're absolutely gorgeous with brown hair though. :D ) and she was like "well, your not blonde even if you dye you hair blonde. i have lots of friends here who consider themselves blondes, when they just dye their hair" and then she proceeded to be like "yea yea, okay im a brunette whatever. change the subject. how was ur day" HOW RUDE!!! And maybe I can't seem to convey the...i dunno...rudeness in which she said all of this, but trust me, this wasn't a girl who actually cared about her friend and wanted to give an honest opinion. She acted very angryish and rude. Almost even annoyed that I now had blonde hair. She also told me that "my mom doesn't want me to dye my hair so I can preserve my natural beauty". I'm sorry but WHAT natural beauty? You are disgusting both on the inside, and that makes you ugly on the outside too! No wonder she never had any friends and got bullied!! And has only 70 friends on facebook. She used to tell me they made fun of her since they were jealous, but I do not think that is true. She is not a "conventional beauty" (but not ugly or a plain jane either). But the way she acts makes me see her in a very different light since personality is VERY important for me. More than looks or anything actually. So I might be biased.
 For some reason my gut instinct tells me she's jealous or angry in a way. And don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those girls who think whenever someone dislikes me, that they are jealous of me. No way! I just have a feeling that SHE is. She even admitted in her blog that she was a very very jealous person and once (a looong time ago) she even admitted to me that she used to be jealous of me because I always listened to my mother and her mom always gave me as an example.
 And now, I think know there is something going on with the way I look. None of this ever happened before I added my facebook picture. I used to tell her back then that I dyed my hair purple or highlighted it, and she was like "oh cool! i wish my mom wud let me" but after she saw my picture, she just...i dunno...changed i guess. Less friendly in a way and a bit offensive too. Whenever I had an opinion of something like plastic surgery, she used to go ballistic almost. She tried talking me out with religion and told me I would go to HE**!! And that god would punish me. She also told me that "you need to see a shrink right away!". And she told me she would stop being friends with me and put a wall between us. None of my other friends have EVER told me anything like that. A real friend respects another friends decision no matter how much she disagrees on it. But nooooo, not her. Once I told her I bought new heels, and she was acting all disgusted like "why would you wear HEELS?" and i told her "why wouldn't i? :D they're the most wonderful type of shoes ever! i luv heels, especially stilettos. wbu?" and she just changed the subject whenever i don't agree with something she said!
And yesterday was the last straw. We had a huge fight online due to her saying perverted s**ual explicit things to me when I was younger, and when I told her what she had told me, she went angry and told me i was a liar/delusional and she swore on her dead grandparents grave she didn't say some of those things. she only remembers one part of the conversation but not the rest. and i have saved all the chat logs so I sent it to her, but she thinks i just made it up. that was IT! i was up to here with her. so i wrote her a long message on facebook explaining all the rude things she said to me and then she BLOCKED me! and you know when you block someone, you can't reblock him/her! So they can unblock you at any time and see your wall and then quickly reblock you! Facebook needs to fix that. But I just went to privacy settings and put the names of all my fb friends that were allowed to see my page, and hopefully she won't be able to.

 So now you know, why I'm so against people like her.

 (>'.')> Vanity Cat <('.'<)

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